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Concrete Construction Limited is involved in the construction business, and therefore our services revolve around the construction industry which includes design and build services, project management, fabrication, joinery, electrical and mechanical services, complied with civil works. We do industrial, commercial and residential construction.

Project management

There is no doubt that handling large projects is always a challenge for many individuals and companies. At Concrete Construction Limited, we make the whole process smooth for our clients regardless of the project type. We are able to handle the project from the start to the end without inflating the budget.

Fabrication services

During construction, some things are inevitable such as welding and fabrication services. In this regard, Concrete Construction Limited has a team of professionals that is dedicated to offering these services at an affordable rate. Furthermore, we do use state-of-the-art equipment and protective gear for safety purposes.

Wood Works and Aluminum Works

Our wood works and joinery professional experts have come with a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience from across cultures. In this sector, we have; Doors, Gates, windows, In and Out Door structures, Water, tanks ,Beds chairs , Wardrobes, Stands, Stair-cases in buildings Roof Complexes, Fences, trailers and Vehicle bodies and any other as required by the client.

If a client takes these services as a package, the overall construction process becomes cheaper and easier. Please use the form below to contact us for free quote.

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